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      Highly Efficient Odour Eliminator

      I would like to congratulate you on the excellence of your product. Highly efficient on cigarette odours. Fresh air guaranteed. Ideal for hotel rooms with carpets and heavy curtains.

      Naima Lazar
      Executive housekeeper
      Hotel de Vendôme, Paris

      Effective Office Treatment

      Recently we had a Covid outbreak in the office which was cured with a mix of ozone treatments and ongoing use of San-Air diffusers. We’re all back with peace of mind that everything is sanitised! Thank you Hestia.

      Jean-Paul Goodwin
      Design Centre

      Peace of mind

      We’ve started treating our interior spaces once a week and after every charter with Hestia products. All odours have gone and the yacht feels cleaner. Peace of mind to know that all is completely sanitised. Many thanks!

      M/Y Captain
      Robert Frost

      A Super Experience with Hestia

      We have dealt with Craig at Hestia to treat mold and smell problems caused by condensation as well as grey water smells coming up the guests shower drains.

      Craig supplied us with the SAN-AIR Coil Cleaner concentrate and our chief stew followed the directions and was very pleased how quickly the mould was removed, We use the V3R gel containers to maintain a germ free fresh air smell in our interior and air handlers. The GreenDrain one way valves are fantastic and easy to install, don’t impede the flow and completely seal and gasses or liquid coming up the drains

      Lawrence King
      Chief Engineer, M/Y Kjos

      Fantastic Range of Products

      Last year we had a terrible Grey Water smell in the main and lower deck guest area, the day during an important charter.

      Craig immediately arrived with their SAN-AIR products for air treatment of fan coils and fresh air make up units and grey water tank products and special one-way valves which we used as directed and we eliminated the smell.

      Marcel Busse

      Quality Service

      The strange thing the next day in St Tropez we had a hydraulic hose burst in the guest accommodation area and Craig quickly came back with enough machines to eliminate the hydraulic smell in just over an hour. I then realized the importance of having our own Ozone machine on board which we subsequently purchased and has successfully been used on various occasions.

      Master Marcel Busse
      90m Yacht